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Except of the title, all fields are optional. Data can be updated anytime, also later. Empty fields will not be displayed.
If you need to upload a file, use your Google Drive / OneDrive / ... shared drive or use a file hoster (Rapidgator, DepositFiles, File-Upload, FileHorst etc).
This is optional. Contact data will also be displayed as 'vcard' to download. If you don't want to publish your real email address, just check the 'Allow messages from visitors' checkbox below. Messages entered in a form will be sent to you via email. To turn this email to into a push message for your mobile phone, look at services such as Pushover.
Or create a throwaway email address (e.g. at Google) and forward the emails to your real address (instructions e.g. here).
Allow messages from visitors
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This is optional, if you want to promote an event. Calendar data will also be displayed as 'vcalendar' to download.
This is optional. Visitors can give feedback. Makes sense only if you defined event data.
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This is optional. If you enter a URL here, there will be an info icon displayed which leads to that URL.
Add an internal description for your reference. This will not be displayed publicly.
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ATTENTION, empty websites (i.e. sites without a title) will be removed after 30 days!

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